Meet the Mighty Kind Family

Mighty Kind makes drinks and other products that help you explore inner outer space. Our botanical seltzers and cannabis infused beverages are made with natural ingredients. Taste the wellness!

Organically Grown Hemp
NO CALORIES, Gluten Free & Vegan

Kevin Smith Collabs

Take a fun dive into the world of Jay and Silent Bob with Chronic Con and Mooby’s official cannabis seltzers. As seen in Clerks III (2022)!

Mighty Kind CBD Seltzers

Craft cannabis seltzers infused with 20mg of hemp derived CBD

Mighty Kind D9 Seltzers

Craft cannabis seltzers infused with 10mg of hemp derived Delta-9 THC

Mighty Kind D8 Seltzers

Craft cannabis seltzers with 5 to 20mg of hemp derived Delta 8 in each can


Cannabis free, booze free, non-infused seltzers with zero sugar or sweetener and fun bold flavors