Who Is Mighty Kind Co.?

Mighty Kind Co. is a holistic beverage maker dedicated to creating the world’s finest botanical seltzers and cannabis infused drinks. We offer a wide range of non-alcoholic craft seltzers infused with natural ingredients, botanicals, and organically grown hemp. No sugar or sweeteners, no calories, gluten free, and vegan. Whether you don’t drink and are looking for a healthy alcohol alternative or you want to add a little extra kick to your cocktails, Mighty Kind has something for you. 

The Dawn of Mighty Kind Co.

It’s not always easy to be a non-drinker in a drinking town like St. Louis, Missouri. That’s how Mighty Kind first came about: a personal challenge became a local social experiment that grew into a movement.

It started when our gregarious founder, Joshua “Loyal” Grigaitis, dared to ask, “How does one who doesn’t imbibe still get to enjoy the fun and relaxation that comes along with drinking with your friends and family?” He found his personal journey in this endeavor to be very fulfilling, and others around him took notice. With support and encouragement from his community, Joshua began hosting NA Saturdays at his bar in St. Louis, Pop’s Blue Moon. It was there that he saw a clear and simple truth: people enjoy drinking, even when they’re not getting drunk.

That simple idea sparked the creation of Mighty Kind Co.’s first non-alcoholic cannabis infused seltzers.

Along with the booze, Joshua also sidelined some other common additives from his seltzers — sugar and artificial sweeteners. “I was born without a sweet tooth,” he quips. This allows the beverages’ bold and inventive flavors to take center stage with every sip, accented by a subtle natural sweetness but never overpowered. Mighty Kind Co. seltzers are also gluten free, vegan, and have zero calories.

The seltzers were a hit, the right people took notice, and this adventure has taken us beyond even our wildest dreams.

As Seen In...

Mighty Kind Co. and our products have been featured in many articles and videos by some of the world’s most recognizable media outlets. We even made it onto the silver screen! Check out our collection of the greatest hits.

Kindness at Work

As a business, we strive to operate as a conscious and mindful company, centered in who we are and what we’re about: good vibes, good times, and great seltzers. We source our ingredients from family farms and small businesses. We develop close ties with our community of partners, retailers, and collaborators. As a brand, we seek meaningful connections with our customers. We greet each day with gratitude for the people and circumstances that have helped us get here and their loyal support as we continue to grow.

Learn more about the Mighty Kind Movement and join us on our quest for kindness!