Wholesome Wholesale

Want to share some Mighty Kind sunshine with your customers and community? Order our cannabis infused drinks and botanical seltzers wholesale and make your shop, restaurant, or venue a Mighty Kind outlet.

Why should you sell Mighty Kind products? We’re so glad you asked!

It’s a Fast-Growing Market

We like to play it cool, but the market for what we make at Mighty Kind is red-hot! Demand for cannabis infused products and alternatives to alcohol is HUGE right now, not to mention the growing popularity of craft seltzers. Give your customers what they want and ride the tide of these trending product categories!

People Love Our Products

Mighty Kind seltzers appeal to many different types of people, including non-drinkers, cannabis users, professional and amateur mixologists, health conscious people, urban and upscale consumers, Millennials and Gen Z, and more. Adding Mighty Kind, Cheerz, and Loyal Hemp beverages to your product mix is a great way to expand your selection of seltzer options with broad market appeal.

We’re Hard to Miss…Until We’re Gone!

Our products look amazing on your shelves, coolers, and signage. Better yet, they sell FAST! Our bold cans and packaging designs make for eye-catching ads and displays — you can’t miss that signature Mighty Kind yellow! If you’re looking for products that stand out and sell well, you’ve found your tribe with Mighty Kind.

Convinced? Contact sales@bemightykind.com for information on buying Mighty Kind seltzers wholesale.