What’s Your Favorite Kind?

Life is full of flavor and so are our seltzers. From fruity to floral, Mighty Kind has created a wide variety of tastes to set your soul on fire. There’s something for everyone -- so find your Kind! It’s hard to pick a favorite. Why not try them all?

Flavors As Bold As You Are

These flavors pack an extraordinary punch! 


A light and refreshing twist of citrus with floral undertones, perfect for those days where you need a little kindness. Like lemonade… only much, much better.

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A juicy orange delight with hints of vanilla and sweet cream. It’s the citrusy drink of your dreams!

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A taste of the tropics with a touch of sweet cream. Smooth, refreshing, and relaxing.

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Tart and terrific.

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A refreshing rush of flavor.

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Enjoy the creamy nostalgic taste of banana taffy, without the sweet!

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Perfect Pairings

These dynamic fruit and botanical flavor duos are a refreshing respite from the expected. 

Tropical Mango

Sweet mango meets tart pineapple for a refreshing tropical blend! Take yourself to paradise, no airfare required.

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Violet Mango

Bold mango and vanilla with a sweet floral violet finish. This is a flavor combo you just have to try.

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Pineapple, meet strawberry. It’s a match made in CBD heaven.

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Orange Jasmine

The tartness of oranges meets the floral lightness of jasmine.

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Inspired Adventures

Go beyond the basics! Explore unique blends and exotic flavors from around the world.

Toasted Marshmallow

Sweet and soothing.

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Lemon Yuzu

Tangy and aromatic blend of vibrant citrus fruits

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Purple Rose

Sweet and flowery bouquet of organic blueberry and rose flavors

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Absinthe Vibes

The Green Fairy without the hangover!

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Creme de la Creme

Smooth, delicious, and soothing

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