CHEERZ X CBABI: Cbabi Bayoc is Mighty Kind's 2024 Featured Artist

Apr 17th 2024

CHEERZ X CBABI: Cbabi Bayoc is Mighty Kind's 2024 Featured Artist

Since day one, Mighty Kind has been a conscious and mindful company. We develop close ties with our community of partners, retailers, and collaborators - and we're proud to feature internationally-known visual artist and illustrator Cbabi Bayoc as our 2024 Featured Artist

Cbabi resides in St. Louis, Missouri -- the hometown of Mighty Kind -- and his work addresses family, children, music, and other thought-provoking topics. 

Acrylic paint, a flat brush, and an iPad have become his weapons of choice in battling the ignorance of prejudice and racism by showing the dopeness of Black people through art. His work can be found in schools, hospitals, non-profit organizations, businesses, and private art collections around the world.

Bayoc, whose birth name is Clifford Miskell, Jr., adopted his name CBABI (Creative-Black-Artist-Battling- Ignorance) during his time at Grambling State University (‘92-‘95). Later, Cbabi would change his last name to BAYOC (Blesed-African-Youth-Of-Creativity) as something that could be shared with his future children.

Mighty Kind is excited to announce the launch of the Cheerz x Cbabi label collaboration with Cbabi.

The new Cheerz x Cbabi collaboration cans feature images of birds as a visual reminder that being kind always serves us well, pink hair to celebrate self-expression, frames to represent how hip hop has influenced every culture in some way, and Cbabi's caricature to represent the ability to take a deep dive into self-examination.

Cheerz x Cbabi are non-infused seltzers so all ages are able to enjoy a can of art-filled kindness. Cheerz!