Surprising Benefits of Non-Alcoholic Seltzer

Oct 17th 2023

Surprising Benefits of Non-Alcoholic Seltzer

Surprising Benefits of Non-Alcoholic Seltzer

Whether you’re trying to get sober, stay sober, cutting back on alcohol consumption, or just looking for something new to mix into your night-out routine, non-alcoholic seltzers are a great solution. They can take the place of alcoholic drinks or give you a refreshing break during an evening of celebration. But there are also some surprising benefits from drinking NA beverages!

Better Hydration!

Most seltzers are, essentially, sparkling water. So when you drink NA seltzers, you’re drinking water, which lends to better hydration -- obviously -- as opposed to alcohol, which dehydrates you. In addition, the bubbles in seltzer can enhance hydration effects in some people. Bottom line- seltzers hydrate your body just as much as drinking a glass of regular tap water, which can lead to better skin, prevent infections, and improve your quality of sleep.

Fewer Calories!

It’s no secret that alcohol is loaded with unnecessary calories. If you’re looking to cut some calories, seltzers are the way to go. While hard seltzers can contain 80-100 calories for most drinks, non-alcoholic seltzers are typically 0 calories. Again, it’s water -- so you’re hydrating, and not packing on the pounds with a refreshing NA drink!

More Energy!

When you’re drinking alcohol, you know you’ll likely get sleepy (or at the very least, sluggish) with each sip of alcohol you take. When you want to have a fun night out but you’re not keen on passing out, a non-alcoholic seltzer will make sure you aren’t being dragged down with the depressive effects of alcohol. You’ll be able to hold better conversations, too.

No Hangover!

The more alcohol you drink, the worse you feel. That’s just a sad fact. But with NA seltzers, you can skip that whole unpleasant experience by staying hydrated and having zero alcohol. On a night out where everyone else might be drinking and you don’t want to be the only one without a boozy-beverage in hand, a non-alcoholic seltzer is a tasty way to still feel like a part of the group without sacrificing how you’ll feel the morning after.

It’s Up To You!

You can choose to drink alcohol or choose to stay non-alcoholic; whatever works best for you is the best choice. But the next time you go out or even stay in to relax, you can choose non-alcoholic seltzers like Mighty Kind or Cheerz to mix in your drinks or enjoy all on their own. Our seltzers come in a variety of tasty flavors and inspiring infusions and offer a healthier alternative to alcoholic beverages.