A Guide To Choosing Your Perfect CBD Seltzer

Oct 17th 2023

A Guide To Choosing Your Perfect CBD Seltzer

A Guide To Choosing Your Perfect CBD Seltzer

Here at Mighty Kind, we pride ourselves on creating seltzers with delicious, unique flavors. With such a wide variety, it can be hard to figure out exactly which flavor is the best for you! So we decided to break it down. Here are our top flavors -- both CBD and CBG infused -- including their taste profiles, that way you can choose the one that sounds like your new favorite Mighty Kind seltzer.

Heady Lemon (CBD/CBG)

Heady Lemon has light and refreshing citrus with floral undertones, perfect for those days when you need a little kindness. Much like lemonade… only, better!

Orange Dream (CBD)

Feeling dreamy? Try our Orange Dream CBD seltzer! Taste the creamy orange delight with a hint of vanilla. Similar to a Creamsicle, but with the added benefits of CBD, it’s the citrus-y drink of your dreams!

Violet Mango (CBD)

Another CBD flavor favorite is our Violet Mango. With bold mango and vanilla with a sweet floral violet finish, we’re willing to bet it’s unlike anything you’ve ever had! This is a flavor combo you just have to try.

Cherry Blossom (CBD)

Feeling something floral and fruity? Our Cherry Blossom CBD is for you! Enjoy the organic botanical flavor with a fun fruity essence. It’s like a garden full of cherries in a can!

Tropical Mango (CBG)

Sweet mango meets tart pineapple for a refreshing tropical blend with our Tropical Mango flavor! It tastes like paradise in a can. No airfare required!

The Journey Doesn’t Stop Here

These might be our flagship favorite flavors, but there’s plenty more to try when it comes to Mighty Kind seltzers. Check out our huge selection of other brands and flavors to see what could satisfy your thirst -- mighty kindly!

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